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–  The subject is improved with a four-storey hotel offering 45,512 ft² (11,378 ft² per floor) and a 24 x 26 ft. porte cochere.

– This hotel offers 97 rooms of which 70 are kitchenette units (±392  ft²).

– It used to be Best Western Hotel when  it  was built in 2008.                                             .

SITE AREA:                                      4.08 Acres, more or less

BUILDING SIZE                               45,512 Sqft

ZONING:                                           D-C; Direct Control District

YEAR  BUILT :                                 2008

REVENUE(Yearend January 31 )     2018:$4,485,327, 2019 : $4,412,846,  2023 :  $2,568,099, 2024  : $2,370,052

2025 Projection Over $4,000,000

2023                           2024

Note Revenue  till  May 31              $697,599          $1,378,686 (1.98 times higher than 2023)



NET OPERATING INCOME       2018 :$2,678,417,2019 :$2,766,998,  2023:$1,221,008,   2024 :$1,252,929   , 2025 (January 31 ,2025) : over$2,000,000


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