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DESCRIPTION:                                 -The car Wash includes 7 wand wash bays, 2 touch less and one RV bay. The RV bay  has  two pay points.

-Building size  : 7,759 Sqft


SITE AREA:                                      0.59 Acres


ZONING:                                           IB-1 Mixed Business District

YEAR :                                                2018


REVENUE   (Year End October 30 )             2020 : $442,718, 2021 : $482,886, 2022 :$492,177, 2023 projection  will be over $600,000 based on sales till May 2023.

Note: Revenue will go up once complete the Lanark Landing residential developments and Hwy # 2 overpass   Interchange   construction.

NOI                                                  2022: $236,295

  • Construction of a new interchange on the south end of xxxxxx , located at 40th Avenue crossing over Highway 2 where can commute between East and West though xxxxxxxxxxx   way Blvd is scheduled to open October 2023 as planned will bring more traffic through this car wash then get   more revenue.



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