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–  Very well kept full Service hotel operated by original owner  since  built with 79 suites,  80 seat restaurants, 117 seat sports bar, 435person conference/banquet facilities (ballroom,

four meeting rooms), Off- sale store for liquor, wine & beer, 13 VLT’s in Sports bar   2 ATM’s Fitness Center and Small Business Centre.

SITE AREA:                                      2.54 Acres

ZONING:                                           C4-Highway Commercial District;


REVENUE          2022              2021                   2020               2019               4 Years average

Room                $1,680,652    $2,202,252      $1,203,502      $1,375,767       $1,615,543.25

F &Beverage     $1,625,199    $1,705,007      $1,533,623      $1,829,436        $1,673,316

Others                $184,450       $303,963         $193,747         $152,898            $208,765

Total           $3,490,301    $4,211,222      $2,930,872      $3,358,101      $3,497,624

Gross Profit

$1,407,137    $2,154,743      $1,108,722      $1,261,779       $1,483,095

NOI            $506,939       $1,294,351         $391,170            $456,589            $662,262


: 37,756 according to 2021 statistics.

XXXXXXXX is a hub of health care, education, retail and infrastructure servicing upwards of 195,000 people in XXXXXXX.


  • The economic base for the city is a mixture of government, forestry, tourism, agriculture, and mining. The largest employer in the city is government employing about 11% of the workforce. XXXXXXXX is a provincial administration centre for the north.
  • XXXXXXXXX now serves as a distribution point for northern Saskatchewan and the area’s gold- and uranium-mining concerns. Its industries include oil extraction, woodworking, pulp and paper milling, and food packaging.




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